How to become an App Developer in 2021

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Mobile apps developers create apps for people so that they can solve their problems. The demand for mobile app developers is growing and there is no doubt that qualified app developers get one of the highest-paid jobs. Mobile app developers in San Francisco on average get a salary of around $130,000 per year. Choosing to become an App Developer is the best decision you can make. There are plenty of jobs and opportunities out there that you can get as an app developer. Well, it also depends on what’s your intentions are and where you already standing. So if you want to learn how to become an app developer and earn a decent salary then you are in the right place. After reading my article you will have a clear idea of how you will become an app developer.

Choose Platform

Before you start developing an app, choose a platform. There are plenty of platforms that you can choose and start working on it. And the most popular are Android and iOS. The best way is to choose one platform in the beginning unless you master it and then move to the next one and improve your learning.

Every platform has its required programming skills that you can learn. For an android app, you need to know Java or Kotlin. For iOS, you will need to know Swift or Objective-C. Now you can choose from any one of them and start working on t.


If you are starting today and want to become an app developer from scratch then you need to get a university degree in Computer Science or a related field and then make your journey further. During this, you should master your coding skills. You should choose any one programming language and master it. Once you know all the concepts of a language then move to the other one.

But if you already learn the basics and don’t want to waste a lot of time on a CS degree then it’s Ok. There are plenty of courses on the internet. Such as Coursera, EDx, Microsoft and Oracle. So you can start your career now and become an app developer. Moreover, you don’t have to start your journey from scratch. You can start learning from any level. Because you can find courses on any level of study. These days companies like Google and Facebook do not look for degrees. They just want a skilled person who knows how to solve problems.


Choose an idea for making your first app and start practising on it. Learning by doing is the best way to succeed. Practice consistently is the key to success. You won’t become an app developer if you stop practising every day. Give at least two hours every day for your work. It is hard in the beginning but if you practice a lot everything seems very easy and encouraging.

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Seek Help

Find out what kind of problems people are facing nowadays. Consider the problems while building an app. You cannot build an app alone. For this, you need to collaborate with other people or hire a person that will solve your problems related to your projects. You can also go to online platforms and solve the programming problems such as stack overflow and hacker rank.

Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is one of the most important skills one could have. Many young people left behind because of the lack of communication skills. Soft skills are as important as technical skills. To be a better communicator you need to make new friends and meet new people. Practice your skills and share your ideas with others. Try to collaborate with people and solve problems in a team. You can find a job as an app developer with no experience if you have good communication skills.

Identify Jobs

After you complete your graduations go to the market and apply to as many jobs as possible. Never miss an opportunity. Every day lot of job offers coming out there. Write a good resume and prepare well for the interview. Find a mentor that will guide you on your journey. Finding the first job is hard, but move to the next one is easy. So focus on the first one. These days finding a remote job is very easy. Find your first job and start your career.

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Becoming a mobile app developer is a long journey. But it is not as difficult as it seems. It required a lot of patience and consistency. You need to stay motivated every day to become an app developer. The future is for app developers. Master your skills and go to the market. And good luck with your journey.




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