What to Pack for a Hiking Trip-6 Essential for Hiking.

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Hiking is essential to explore nature and the environment around you. It is beneficial for your physical and mental health Take a break from your busy schedule and spend time on travelling and hiking trips. This will make you feel good and make you happy. You can go with your family and friends or you can go anywhere on your own. You can choose your hiking destinations or make a research on the internet before you decide where to go. But before you go for a hiking trip spend some time making a list of items that will be needed in your day-to-day journey. By making lists of the essentials for hiking, your journey will be easy and you already have all the recourses to use.

In this article, I make a hiking equipment essentials list that will help you on a hiking trip. Take a look before you go on a trip.


Before going on a hiking trip take some time to select clothes that you wear on your trip. You can choose clothes depending on the weather condition of the hiking place. Let say if you are going to cold weather places such as mountains then bring clothes accordingly. Things that you can bring are hiking pants, under wares, tights, gloves, socks, sunglasses, and a jacket. For hot places, you can bring with you T-shirts, shorts, and a hat. Some of the clothing materials are necessary for any kind of weather such as your paints and shirts, sunglasses, and tights for yoga or running.

Bring hiking shoes and footwear that are comfortable and easy for hiking. Note that the weather will change at any time during your trip. So always take some extra clothing materials with you.


Whenever you plan for a hiking trip be sure to take navigation components with you. A map and a compass are the two important components for the trip. Map and compass will help you in your hiking. But if you don’t know how to use these items then it is useless to bring them on the hiking trip. Watch a video tutorial to learn how to use these components.

Now many people use mobile phone apps and GPS systems for hiking trips. One thing that you keep in mind is that these apps will take a large amount of your phone’s battery so keep looking at your battery or you can bring with you a power bank so that you can charge your phone at any time.

Water Bottles

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Water is necessary on a hiking trip. Bring 2 to 4 liters of water on the hiking. Take a break and drink water for dehydration is the biggest enemy of humans during travel. You can take water bottles depending on the type of trip: whether it’s a hot place or cold place, the distance you travel or the age factors: adults need to drink more water than children.

Bringing more than enough water will be difficult to carry, so to avoid this you can take water purifiers with you so that you can purify the water that you found on the trip.


Along with water bottles, add some food to your packing list to bring on a hike. This nutrition list includes snacks, juices, and fresh fruits. Take nutrition according to the number of days of your hiking trip. Always take some extra items that will last for one extra day. If you have no idea which nutrition is good for hiking, consult with a nutrition expert.

Hand Sanitizer

Bring a container of Hand Sanitizer with you. It will help you to clean your hands during your hiking. Use it after the bathroom and before eating the meal. Always use a hand sanitizer after you met with other people there. So by using hand sanitizer your hiking trip will be safer and cleaner.

Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

First Aid kit

On a hiking trip don’t forget to bring with you a First Aid kit with an important list of materials in it. Some important materials that you consider while you packing include adhesive bandages, ½ roll medical tap and necessary medicines. Always keep checking your materials and if anything finishes or used replace it with a new one.


You probably have a Camera in your packing list. No? Then you must have a smartphone. Don’t use your smartphone for the internet and social media on a day hike. Use your phone as a camera. Take pictures of beautiful sites with your family and friends. Share your photos with people so that they will know about your hiking journey. By taking a lot of photos, you can save your best memories forever.


I hope this article will help you on your hiking trip. Now you have an idea of what you can bring with you on a hiking date. You can always add or remove extra items from your list. Thanks for reading my article. Good Luck on your journey and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.




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